Companion materials for the JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook plus additional worksheets and templates.

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  • Use this template to create your own emergency support document.

  • A standard set of tests help you verify application stability after any major change. What common things do you expect to always work regardless of the type of change? Use this worksheet to create a regression test plan.  After, import your test cases into JIRA!

  • What would you do if a migration or upgrade didn't complete smoothly?  What if an app or feature you rely on wasn't working?  What if data is missing?  At what point is it smarter to "undo" your actions, regroup, and try again? You should always have a backup plan. Use this worksheet to create yours.

  • Use this worksheet to communicate new and interesting features after an upgrade.

  • Use this worksheet to determine and record your monitoring alert points.

  • It's important to log incidents to create a reviewable history, detect patterns, and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. Use this worksheet to record as many incident details as possible to create a useful historical record.  Provide links to related documentation or trouble reports.  Attach any relevant correspondence.

  • At the end of each year compile a report of the support team’s accomplishments.  Use this worksheet to compare actions over time and set goals for the coming year.

  • There are a plethora of plugins and add-on features available in the Atlassian Marketplace. But haphazard installs and free trials can leave behind remnants that negatively impact the system after the trial ends.  You should develop specific procedures for handling add-ons and customization requests. Use these worksheets to craft your procedure.

  • Use this worksheet to write instructions for requesting the “Issue Creation via Email” feature.

  • I take a lot of notes at the conference including what I learn and what to follow up on. Use this worksheet to share the most important information with team members who could not attend.

  • When a new user is added, give them access instructions, usage information, and instruction for obtaining assistance. Use this worksheet for sample wording.

  • The Bulk Import function is a quick way to get data into JIRA.  Here's a sample format. Also See: Jira Bulk Import Activity

Showing 25 - 36 of 57 items