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  • Download a free copy of the “Projects” chapter from “Part 2: Project Configuration” in the JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook.

  • To restrict access at the project-level, use a Permission Scheme.  To restrict access to certain issues within a project however, use an Issue Security Scheme.  Here's an example.

  • What should you measure and why?  Use these ideas to create your own list of important data points.  Determining how you'll measure success may help the support team improve as well.

  • Use this question list to collect custom field requirements from end users.

  • Use this worksheet to identify and document recurring maintenance activities.  Select frequencies that fit your specific needs and availability.

  • Use the worksheet to record the total counts of projects, issues, custom fields, workflows and other stats, so you can track changes and clean up progress over time.

  • There are a plethora of plugins and add-on features available in the Atlassian Marketplace. But haphazard installs and free trials can leave behind remnants that negatively impact the system after the trial ends.  You should develop specific procedures for handling add-ons and customization requests. Use these worksheets to craft your procedure.

  • Use this worksheet to create your list of "must have" abilities.  When creating a new project, double check that the following useful features are included.

  • Use this worksheet to list all your projects and their attributes, so you can determine which are inactive.

  • The worksheet includes recommendations for a simple notification scenario.  Modify the worksheet to fit your needs.  Since most end users won't be able to see Notification settings, add this information to your user help files and documentation.

  • User management is more than just "adding new users" as they join the company.  Think of your user list as a flower garden that needs regular attention to remain accurate.  Use this worksheet to establish procedures on how to support new users as well as departing users.

  • How much time does it take to manually test an upgrade?  How much time does it take to manually execute recurring maintenance tasks?  How many times per year do you perform these tests?  Use this worksheet to start a test plan. Also see: Jira Upgrade Automated Test Cases

Showing 13 - 24 of 83 items