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  • Use this worksheet to write instructions for requesting the “Issue Creation via Email” feature.

  • When a new user is added, give them access instructions, usage information, and instruction for obtaining assistance. Use this worksheet for sample wording.

  • In addition to comparing multiple applications, you should also compare installed add-ons.  Use this template to record and compare those details.

  • A standard set of tests help you verify application stability after any major change. What common things do you expect to always work regardless of the type of change? Use this worksheet to create a regression test plan.  After, import your test cases into JIRA!

  • One way to make sure users read messages and notifications from the JIRA administrative team, is to send them as a specially created fictional character.  Messages from an individual user are boring and get lost in the sea of emails. Humorous messages however, sent by a made up character, get read and shared! Use mine or create your own!

  • Use the worksheet below to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each set up. This information is compiled for the purposes of comparing two implementations of the same application. This data enables informed migration decisions.

  • What would you do if a migration or upgrade didn't complete smoothly?  What if an app or feature you rely on wasn't working?  What if data is missing?  At what point is it smarter to "undo" your actions, regroup, and try again? You should always have a backup plan. Use this worksheet to create yours.

  • A worksheet to help you compare custom fields created by Jira, by apps, or by admins, for the purposes of clean up.  Regular field clean up is a vital part of routine maintenance as well as consolidation and migration preparation.

  • Upgrades and small changes to the JIRA configuration can impact other users and other applications. Use this worksheet to compile a list of scenarios and functions others rely on.

  • Use this worksheet to communicate new and interesting features after an upgrade.

  • How many users, issues, and projects do you plan to have next year?  What is the expected percent of annual growth?  What hardware or human support will be required?  Tracking and analyzing your application statistics can help you predict and plan for growth.  Use this worksheet to record today's counts and changes over time.

  • Use this template to create your own emergency support document.

Showing 25 - 36 of 83 items