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  • For most JIRA Server users, an upgrade is a major activity that requires carefully planning.  What is your upgrade plan?  How will you prepare?  How will you ensure success?  How often will you upgrade?  Use this template to create your plan.  JIRA SERVER ONLY

  • What would you do if a migration or upgrade didn't complete smoothly?  What if an app or feature you rely on wasn't working?  What if data is missing?  At what point is it smarter to "undo" your actions, regroup, and try again? You should always have a backup plan. Use this worksheet to create yours.

  • Use this worksheet to communicate new and interesting features after an upgrade.

  • Save time by automating your upgrade verification tasks.  Use these 37 test cases to get started.

  • This is a collection of upgrade-related wording.  Customize it for your own documentation and instructional needs.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items