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  • One way to make sure users read messages and notifications from the JIRA administrative team, is to send them as a specially created fictional character.  Messages from an individual user are boring and get lost in the sea of emails. Humorous messages however, sent by a made up character, get read and shared! Use mine or create your own!

  • User management is more than just "adding new users" as they join the company.  Think of your user list as a flower garden that needs regular attention to remain accurate.  Use this worksheet to establish procedures on how to support new users as well as departing users.

  • When a new user is added, give them access instructions, usage information, and instruction for obtaining assistance. Use this worksheet for sample wording.

  • Use the sample to create your own application access guidelines for independent contractors, third-party vendors, outsourced support, and other external users.

  • Was your Jira Administrator job description written by Human Resources or a non-technical user? Does formal admin role documentation even exist?  Use this sample to write, or improve, your organization's Jira admin job description.

  • This is a collection of user-related wording.  Customize it for your own documentation and instructional needs.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items