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  • For most JIRA Server users, an upgrade is a major activity that requires carefully planning.  What is your upgrade plan?  How will you prepare?  How will you ensure success?  How often will you upgrade?  Use this template to create your plan.  JIRA SERVER ONLY

  • Upgrades and small changes to the JIRA configuration can impact other users and other applications. Use this worksheet to compile a list of scenarios and functions others rely on.

  • How much time does it take to manually test an upgrade?  How much time does it take to manually execute recurring maintenance tasks?  How many times per year do you perform these tests?  Use this worksheet to start a test plan. Also see: Jira Upgrade Automated Test Cases

  • Determine what kinds of sensitive information is permitted in JIRA. Use this worksheet to craft your policy. 

  • What should you measure and why?  Use these ideas to create your own list of important data points.  Determining how you'll measure success may help the support team improve as well.

  • Use this worksheet to define the functions a JIRA Administrator should perform.  Your JIRA Administrators need to be chosen carefully.  An admin needs to consider the health of the application, impact to the application, and maintenance implication for each decision and change they make.  

  • One way to make sure users read messages and notifications from the JIRA administrative team, is to send them as a specially created fictional character.  Messages from an individual user are boring and get lost in the sea of emails. Humorous messages however, sent by a made up character, get read and shared! Use mine or create your own!

  • User management is more than just "adding new users" as they join the company.  Think of your user list as a flower garden that needs regular attention to remain accurate.  Use this worksheet to establish procedures on how to support new users as well as departing users.

  • Creating a repeatable and standard procedure will save you time when collecting and fulfilling project creation requests.  Ask questions that will help determine if and how to complete a request or propose an alternate solution.  Use this worksheet to craft your procedure.

  • It's important to set expectations before the project is configured.  You'll want to avoid users creating issues and trying to work in a project you are still configuring.  Here's a helpful checklist when creating a new JIRA project.

  • It's easy to customize workflows and therefore easy to go overboard, creating more structure than you really need.  Use this template to document workflows or collect workflow customization information.  

  • Use this question list to collect custom field requirements from end users.

Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items