JIRA New Project Request ดูขนาดใหญ่กว่า

JIRA New Project Request

Creating a repeatable and standard procedure will save you time when collecting and fulfilling project creation requests.  Ask questions that will help determine if and how to complete a request or propose an alternate solution.  Use this worksheet to craft your procedure.




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Does this scenario seem familiar to you?

Mary:  "Hi John, I need a new JIRA project created for the ecological initiative we'll start working on soon."

John:  "Sure Mary, what would you like this new project to be called?  Who will be the project lead? Will you need a task-based workflow or a support-based workflow?  Also, when do you need this created by?"

Mary:  "John, let's call it "Wetlands Reconstruction.  I need it by next week."

John:  "Thanks Mary.  I still need to know who the project lead will be and what type of workflow you desire."

The conversation continues back and forth, likely over a few hours or even days until John finally has the basic information he needs to create a new project.  This is a waste of time.  Instead, create a standard template for each new project request.

Ask your users to answer the following questions as part of their new project request.