Jira Cloud Admin Access

Thank you for your engaging our consulting services!  Let’s get set up so we can get started right away. Please create one access account with “organization admin” permissions.  Use Jira’s “Invite users” feature to invite rwright@jirastrategy.com. Here’s how:

Step 1: Enter User Admin Area

Access the Jira application admin area

In Jira, click the “cog” or “gear” icon at the top right. Then select “User management” in the drop down menu.

Step 2: Create Account for Rachel Wright

User management admin area

Next, click the “Invite users” button.

In the overlay (not pictured), enter rwright@jirastrategy.com in the “Email address” field. Then click the form submission button at the bottom of the overlay. Note: You may need to click outside the “Email address” field to make the form submission button clickable.

Step 3: Grant Admin Permissions

Example organization admin profile

On the user directory admin page (not pictured), click “Rachel Wright” to go to the user’s profile page. Click the ellipses icon on the top right and select “Assign organization role”. In the overlay (not pictured), click the “Organization admin” radio button and then click the form submission button.

Thank you! We’re excited to get started!


For additional user admin permissions information, see the following documentation: support.atlassian.com/user-management/docs/give-users-admin-permissions.

At the end of the consulting project, simply click the “Suspend access” option on the user directory admin page or on the user’s profile page.

There is no license needed or cost for inactive users.

We recommend regularly auditing user access, especially for accounts with any level of “admin” permissions.

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