Praise for the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

“This book is phenomenal. After reading it, a lot of things suddenly became clear. A practical straightforward guide to how to think about the process of Jira administration. After reading this book, using and managing Jira became much, much clearer.”
Amazon Customer

“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the book you’ve written.  I read it all on the same day I purchased it.  It was just so amazing that I could do nothing but read it!  Thank you for all your hard work on this book and I’m looking forward to learning more about your advice on administering Jira and other Atlassian tools.”
– Nazar Sobchuk, Atlassian Expert at Upwork

“Your book provided lots of material on best practices, which helped me become a certified Jira administrator.   I’ve seen a couple of Jira instances now where senior admins aren’t enforcing best practices and have constantly referred back to your book for guidance.   No words can describe how much I appreciate you and I hope you continue doing what you do for Jira admins like myself!”
– Ricky Lin, Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator

“Nice book, well laid out.  Great tips and different approaches and insights into the many Jira issues I’m dealing with daily.  Great material.”
– Chris Volker, Jira Workflow Developer at Wells Fargo

“It’s an awesome book that left me thinking about my Jira instances and wanting to make immediate adjustments.”
– Gregory Van Den Ham, Information Technology Manager and Atlassian User Group Leader

“Rachel is an inspiration to all Jira Admins in her no-nonsense, down to earth approach to Jira.”
– Susan Hauth, Jira Queen and Atlassian User Group Leader

“I’ve been working with Jira and other Atlassian tools for 12 years now, and have written a couple of O’Reilly books about Jira.  I appreciate Rachel’s book for the parts about getting yourself out of the hole that someone else has dug.”
– Matt Doar, Author of Practical Jira Administration and Practical Jira Plugins

“This book was written by a Jira administrator using “real life” use cases and examples.  It’s the ultimate reference book for all Jira Administrators!”
– Atlassian User Group Leader

Praise for the Jira Admin Mistakes Presentation

“Great presentation and got the attendees really talking!”
– Atlassian User Group Leader

“Well done! A lot of thumbs up and positive comments about the way you ran the session. Great interaction and information sharing.”
– Atlassian User Group Leader

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