JIRA Database Queries


Use these 38 query samples to quickly get to your data.  It’s often faster to get information directly out of the database than to use JQL (JIRA Query Language) or the admin UI.  Also, the database provides additional information not available in the admin UI.

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Included Queries:

  1. Configuration Elements – Use the queries in this section for the “publish a static list” recommendations in the “Issue Types,” “Statuses,” “Resolutions,” and “Custom Fields” chapters.  Also, use them to check for similar values before you create new ones.
  2. Projects and Issues – Use the queries in this section to learn about projects, their use, who is using them, and which to archive.
  3. Users and Groups – Use the queries in this section to find users, get user details, view group membership, and gauge activity.
  4. Filters and Dashboards – Use the queries in this section to manage the count of records in your filter and dashboard tables.
  5. Workflows – Use the queries in this section to get additional workflow details.
  6. Add-ons – Use the query in this section to audit or compare your plugin list.  See the “Plugin Tracking” section in the “Merging Applications or Starting Over” chapter.
  7. Database Specific – Use the queries in this section to get basic information about your database and database users.

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