JIRA Genie and JIRA Gerbil Character Users


One way to make sure users read messages and notifications from the JIRA administrative team, is to send them as a specially created fictional character.  Messages from an individual user are boring and get lost in the sea of emails. Humorous messages however, sent by a made up character, get read and shared! Use mine or create your own!

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I’ve created the following characters to help share information.

The JIRA Genie

This character represents all the behind the scenes magic and customization that goes on within JIRA.  When workflow problems are magically solved, it’s because the Genie did it!  When new projects get configured just the way users want, they can thank the Genie.

Gerry the JIRA Gerbil

This character represents all the admin and application-level work required to maintain a happy JIRA application.  Gerry can be called upon for data issues, upgrades, clean up procedures, and archival actions.

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