Mistakes Were Made

Rachel Wright with her Adaptavist shirt, Atlassian socks, and the JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook

In April 2017, Rachel Wright joined Adaptavist’s Matthew Stublefield and Ryan Spilken to discuss JIRA administration, in the Mistakes Were Made episode, of the Adaptavist Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast.

In this episode we explore how we got our start as JIRA administrators, utilizing test environments, unintended consequences of cleaning up your application, and ways to learn about JIRA administration.

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Length: 22 minutes
Release date: 17 April 2017

About the Podcast

The Adaptavist Live! podcast highlights topics and events within the Atlassian Ecosystem and at Adaptavist.  Matthew Stublefield and Ryan Spilken use their unique brand of humor to make technical topics interesting and understandable.

Adaptavist helps the world’s most complex Enterprises get more from Atlassian software through professional services, Add-Ons, training and managed services.

Catch the entire Adapatavist Live! series at: https://soundcloud.com/adaptavistlive

Welcome JIRA, RIP Test Director

“Catastrophic Failure” – my favorite application error.

Before JIRA, I was using an ancient bug tracking application.  By ancient, I mean software that would only load in a browser version which was no longer available.  The manufacturer had stopped supporting it many years prior and it was becoming increasingly unstable.  We couldn’t have been more excited to ditch it and switch to Atlassian’s JIRA. Continue reading “Welcome JIRA, RIP Test Director”