Learning Jira (Server Edition) on LinkedIn

This course teaches you everything you need to get started with Jira Server.

Learn how to navigate the dashboard, view projects, and drill down for details. See how to create and edit issues, estimate time and effort, and search with JQL. Generate useful reports by creating filters, dashboards, and boards. Finally, adjust your preferences so that Jira works best for you.

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Course Contents


  • Who is this for?
  • What do you need?

Getting Started with Jira

  • What is Jira?
  • How is Jira used?
  • Types of Jira
  • Jira versions
  • Important terms and definitions

Navigating Jira

  • Logging in
  • Using the System Dashboard
  • Accessing key features

Working in Projects

  • Viewing the project list
  • Types of projects
  • Parts of a project
  • Identifying project leads

Working with Issues

  • Creating Issues
  • Editing Issues
  • Adding Attachments
  • Linking Issues
  • Transitioning Issues
  • Estimating effort
  • Tracking time

Finding Issues

  • Ways to find Jira issues
  • Using basic search
  • Using advanced search and JQL
  • Sample queries
  • Challenge: Finding Issues
  • Solution

Using Reporting Features

  • Reporting methods
  • How to save and share filters
  • Creating filter subscriptions
  • Creating boards
  • Creating dashboards
  • Using reports
  • Exporting issues
  • Challenge: Using Reporting Features
  • Solution

Managing Profile Settings

  • Changing user preferences


  • Next Step

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