Plans and New Jira Content for 2024

Jira consultant Rachel Wright outlines 2024 goals, including new Jira courses, tool consolidation, community engagement, and website improvements.

As a consultant, I continuously refine my business operations, Jira implementation strategies, and expand my repository of knowledge. The learning journey is endless and there are always opportunities to streamline, automate, and enhance not just my own experience, but also that of my clients. Here’s a peek into my initiatives for early 2024, spotlighting my top three goals.

Top 2024 Goals

1. 🎯 Consolidating tools to improve my focus and automate processes
2. 📣 Re-engaging with the community and improving my response time
3. 🔨 Fixing this broken, outdated, and embarrassing website

New Creating Custom Workflows for Jira Course

My newest course Jira: Managing Custom Workflows just launched on LinkedIn Learning!

In this course, I provide an in-depth overview of the skills required to design, plan, and build workflows for new and experienced Jira administrators. Discover the features, functions, and my strategies for creating, using, extending, and maintaining custom workflows. Test out your new skills with practice challenges and quizzes. And don’t miss the workflow scavenger hunt to see how many problems or opportunities for improvement you can detect.

Updated “Learning Jira (Server & Data Center Edition)” Course

I’m currently working on a new version of my “Learning Jira” course for Server and Data Center. The updated version includes new live Jira examples, more examples of how Jira is used, a live tour of each Jira application type, more information about project types, a downloadable glossary, additional challenges and solutions, and updated information, screenshots, and quiz questions.

Additional new courses on specific Jira topics are also planned for 2024!

New Course Resources Section

It’s really hard to keep up with software changes. New features are added, moved, or changed all the time. Existing features or even entire products are renamed. And links that worked yesterday are broken today.

That’s why I’ve set up a special place on my website where you can get the latest Jira information. When something impactful in any of my courses changes, I’ll post that information.

Other Projects and Ideas

What additional items or priorities would you like to see me work on in 2024? What are you working on? Leave a comment or idea below!

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