¿Cómo entrevistar al equipo que está detrás de un nuevo proyecto de Jira?

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Un nuevo proyecto de Jira tiene varios elementos que se deben considerar, entre ellos, una charla con el team lead arrojará datos importantes que te ayudarán en tu trabajo con los proyectos en Jira; en este post original de Rachel Wright te presentamos las mejores prácticas al momento de entrevistar al equipo tras un nuevo proyecto de Jira.

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Cómo renovar la certificación como Administrador Jira

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Aprobar la certificación Atlassian como Administrador de Jira es una experiencia que implica mucha preparación, ahora ¿Qué ocurre cuando necesitas renovar esta certificación? Continúa leyendo esta nueva publicación escrita por Rachel Wright.

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Teaming Up for Spanish Speakers

¿Hablas español? I don’t but I really wish I did! In fact, “Learn Spanish” is issue BUCKET-60 on my Jira bucket list. New languages aren’t easy for me however, so in the mean time, I’ve teamed up with DEISER, to translate some of my content to Spanish! Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence are growing rapidly in Spain. We want to make more Atlassian information available to users there and in other Spanish speaking countries.

We started with my most popular article about studying for Jira admin certification. You can read the first translation: “Administradores de Jira: Las claves para preparar la certificación Atlassian ACP-100” on the Strategy for Jira website or on DEISER‘s website. More translations are on the way; you’ll find them all in the “Spanish” category.



As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner DEISER provides 360° solutions for high-performance teams. They provide apps for Jira, implementation consultancy with an eye on quick results, and licensing management for all your Atlassian products.

About Rachel Wright

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Rachel Wright is an entrepreneur, process engineer, and Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator.  She is the owner and founder of Industry Templates, LLC, which helps companies grow, get organized, and develop their processes.  Rachel also uses Atlassian tools in her personal life for accomplishing goals and tracking tasks.  Her first book, the “Jira Strategy Admin Workbook“, was written in Confluence and progress was tracked in Jira!

Together, we look forward to helping even more users set up, clean up, and maintain Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence.

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