Effective Jira Administration (Kindle)

[Kindle, color version] ThinkTilt and Rachel Wright, author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook, proudly announce our newest collaboration “Effective Jira Administration“.  This 64 page book helps you bring the benefits of Jira to more teams in your organization.

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Get the print or Kindle version from Amazon. Or, switch to the digital version.

We’ve assembled our best advice and included the topics:

  • Who’s in charge?  Jira Governance for Business Teams
  • Who Does What in Jira?  System, Application & Project Admins
  • Creating & Managing a Jira Support Project
  • Four Jira Workflows for Business Teams
  • Best Practices for Creating a Custom Workflow
  • Jira Custom Fields and Their Alternatives
  • 4 Ways Adding Forms to Issues Amps Up the Power of Jira
  • Keeping Track of it All: Jira for Asset Management Managing a Jira Upgrade
  • Managing a Jira Upgrade
  • Vetting Jira Apps and Plugins
  • Jira Clean-up Time

Even if your team isn’t technical, you can still use high tech tools. Email, spreadsheets, and shared network drives – be gone! Your team has a real issue tracking database now with Jira.


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    Effective Jira Administration (Digital)Effective Jira Administration (Kindle)