Application Review: Servado Enterprise Portals for Jira

Quite simply, I love this Jira app. Why didn’t I think of this? Why didn’t Atlassian think of this? Luckily, the good folks at Origo did and I’m excited to share their creation with you! With Servado Enterprise Portals for Jira, there’s finally a real way to tie all your Atlassian (and non-Atlassian) applications together! Now users have a “home base” or a starting point for everything they need to do.

Servado creates a single entry point for your entire organization and it uses your existing Jira database to do it. There’s no need for a separate application; Servado leverages the amazing ticketing and reporting power of Jira, but adds portals, chat, external content, and other capabilities. This application brings everything your organization needs to a single, fully customizable, interface. Servado provides one place to manage all your business processes. Best of all there’s no coding needed and the app only consumes one Jira user license.

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