JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook
JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook

The JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook book contains:

  • 152 recommendations to help you set up, clean up, and maintain JIRA,
  • 50 worksheets, plus additional templates, code snippets, and wording samples to help you establish and streamline vital processes,
  • 33 real examples of problems to avoid,
  • best practices and dos and don’ts for each administrative area,
  • the top 10 mistakes I made as an administrator, and
  • content not available anywhere else.


The book is organized into six main chapters.  “Part 1: Setting the Foundation” and “Part 2: Project Configuration” address set up for a new application and concepts to enhance an existing application. “Part 3: Fix and Clean JIRA Up” is for auditing and improving an existing application.  “Part 4: Maintenance” is about upgrading and maintaining the application once it’s set up well.  “Part 5: Customization” tackles add-ons, plugins, and ways to extend the application.  Finally, “Part 6: Bonuses” contains additional content that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Table of Contents

How I Fell in Love with JIRA

Introduction: A Tale of Three Companies
Who This Book Is For
What You’ll Need
Book Structure
– Terminology
– Conventions
Worksheets, Templates & Companion Materials
Comments, Feedback, and Questions

Part 1: Setting the Foundation
Establish an Advisory Board
– Ideal Board Makeup
– Role of the Board
– Establish Standards
– Handle Sensitive Information
– Support Metrics
Sample JIRA Support Project Set Up
– Customer Satisfaction Survey
– Sample Workflow: JIRA Support
Appoint Ambassadors
User Access Strategies
– User Types
– Test Users
– Define Admin Users
– Project Leads
– External Users
– Character Users
– Roles and Groups
– User Management
– Other Users
– Single Sign On
– Shared Access

Part 2: Project Configuration
Name Your Schemes
– JIRA Terminology
– Strategy for Creating New Projects
– Name Your Project
– Project Categories
– Share Project Schemes and Assets
– Establish Scheme Defaults
– Project Configuration Strategy
– Configure Your Project
Issue Types
– Best Practices
– Issue Type Schemes
– Name Your Issue Types and Schemes
– Best Practices
– Status Categories
– What is a Resolution?
– Bulk Update Resolutions
– Best Practices
– Name Your Workflow
– Create a Workflow
– Custom Workflows
– Phased Approach
– Custom Workflow Process
– Workflow Templates
– Workflow Concepts
– Workflow Behaviors
– Workflow Schemes
– Workflow Schemes to Workflows Relationship
– Best Practices
– Can’t see a field?
– Screen Schemes
– Issue Type Screen Schemes
– Best Practices
– Standard Web Form Conventions
Custom Fields
– Best Practices
– Required Fields
– Field Configurations
– Standard and Important Fields
– Field Configuration Schemes
– Field Configurations to Field Configuration Schemes Relationship
– Proper Field Types
– Special Features
– Best Practices
– Alternate Uses for Versions
– Version Permissions
– Examples
– Best Practices
– Best Practices
– Permission Scheme Worksheets
Issue Security
– Best Practices
– Issue Security Worksheets
– Best Practices
– Standard and Custom Notifications
– Bulk Change Notifications
Standard Capabilities

Part 3: Fix and Clean JIRA Up
– Areas to Tackle
– Unused Elements
– Duplicate Elements
– Practical Audit Example
– Inactive Projects
– Clean-Up Check-up
– Old Email Handlers
– Option 1: Prevent New Issues
– Option 2: Make the Project Read Only
– Option 3: Hide the Project
– Option 4: “Archive” the Project
– Option 5: Export the Project
– Archive Clean-Up & Notification
Merge Applications or Start Over
– Application Comparison
– Plugin Tracking
– Comparison Recommendations
– Start Over
– Expert Assistance

Part 4: Maintenance
User Communication
– Announcement Banners
Application Tracking and Statistics
– Re-index Triggers
– Types of Re-indexes
Scheduled Maintenance
– Support and Emergency Escalation
– High Level Upgrade Plan
– Detailed Upgrade Plan
– Standard Regression Testing
– Upgrade Wording
– Emergency Rollback
– REST API and Database Users
– New Feature List
Automated Testing
Incident Log
Year-End Clean-Up
Year End Analysis

Part 5: Customization
Plugins and Add-ons
– Best Practices
– Vet Plugins and Add-ons
– Plugin Installations
– Noteworthy Add-ons
Extend JIRA
– Get Data into JIRA
– Create Custom Displays
– Sync Data with JIRA
Other Uses for JIRA
– JIRA as a CRM
– Asset Tracking
– Moving Labels
– Bucket Lists
– Personal Goals
– Other Ideas

Part 6: Bonuses
Training Users
– End User Training
– Admin Training Resources
– Get Certified
Bulk Import
Database Queries
– Configuration Elements
– Projects and Issues
– Users and Groups
– Filters and Dashboards
– Workflows
– Add-ons
– Database Specific
– Query Resources

Atlassian User Groups
Summit Annual User Conference
– Summit Justification
– Summit Tips
Other Books
Atlassian Experts


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