Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook
Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook will save you time, money and frustration. This book is different – it’s not documentation.  It’s recommendations from years of cleaning up horrible Jira configurations! It’s about what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, and why.

The workbook contains:

  • 152 recommendations to help you set up, clean up, and maintain JIRA,
  • 50 worksheets, plus additional templates, code snippets, and wording samples to help you establish and streamline vital processes,
  • 33 real examples of problems to avoid,
  • best practices and dos and don’ts for each administrative area,
  • the top 10 mistakes I made as an administrator, and
  • content not available anywhere else.

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The book is organized into six main chapters.  “Part 1: Setting the Foundation” and “Part 2: Project Configuration” address set up for a new application and concepts to enhance an existing application. “Part 3: Fix and Clean Jira Up” is for auditing and improving an existing application.  “Part 4: Maintenance” is about upgrading and maintaining the application once it’s set up well.  “Part 5: Customization” tackles add-ons, plugins, and ways to extend the application.  Finally, “Part 6: Bonuses” contains additional content that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Table of Contents

How I Fell in Love with Jira

Introduction: A Tale of Three Companies
Who This Book Is For
What You’ll Need
Book Structure
– Terminology
– Conventions
Worksheets, Templates & Companion Materials
Comments, Feedback, and Questions

Part 1: Setting the Foundation
Establish an Advisory Board
– Ideal Board Makeup
– Role of the Board
– Establish Standards
– Handle Sensitive Information
– Support Metrics
Sample Jira Support Project Set Up
– Customer Satisfaction Survey
– Sample Workflow: Jira Support
Appoint Ambassadors
User Access Strategies
– User Types
– Test Users
– Define Admin Users
– Project Leads
– External Users
– Character Users
– Roles and Groups
– User Management
– Other Users
– Single Sign On
– Shared Access

Part 2: Project Configuration
Name Your Schemes
– Jira Terminology
– Strategy for Creating New Projects
– Name Your Project
– Project Categories
– Share Project Schemes and Assets
– Establish Scheme Defaults
– Project Configuration Strategy
– Configure Your Project
Issue Types
– Best Practices
– Issue Type Schemes
– Name Your Issue Types and Schemes
– Best Practices
– Status Categories
– What is a Resolution?
– Bulk Update Resolutions
– Best Practices
– Name Your Workflow
– Create a Workflow
– Custom Workflows
– Phased Approach
– Custom Workflow Process
– Workflow Templates
– Workflow Concepts
– Workflow Behaviors
– Workflow Schemes
– Workflow Schemes to Workflows Relationship
– Best Practices
– Can’t see a field?
– Screen Schemes
– Issue Type Screen Schemes
– Best Practices
– Standard Web Form Conventions
Custom Fields
– Best Practices
– Required Fields
– Field Configurations
– Standard and Important Fields
– Field Configuration Schemes
– Field Configurations to Field Configuration Schemes Relationship
– Proper Field Types
– Special Features
– Best Practices
– Alternate Uses for Versions
– Version Permissions
– Examples
– Best Practices
– Best Practices
– Permission Scheme Worksheets
Issue Security
– Best Practices
– Issue Security Worksheets
– Best Practices
– Standard and Custom Notifications
– Bulk Change Notifications
Standard Capabilities

Part 3: Fix and Clean Jira Up
– Areas to Tackle
– Unused Elements
– Duplicate Elements
– Practical Audit Example
– Inactive Projects
– Clean-Up Check-up
– Old Email Handlers
– Option 1: Prevent New Issues
– Option 2: Make the Project Read Only
– Option 3: Hide the Project
– Option 4: “Archive” the Project
– Option 5: Export the Project
– Archive Clean-Up & Notification
Merge Applications or Start Over
– Application Comparison
– Plugin Tracking
– Comparison Recommendations
– Start Over
– Expert Assistance

Part 4: Maintenance
User Communication
– Announcement Banners
Application Tracking and Statistics
– Re-index Triggers
– Types of Re-indexes
Scheduled Maintenance
– Support and Emergency Escalation
– High Level Upgrade Plan
– Detailed Upgrade Plan
– Standard Regression Testing
– Upgrade Wording
– Emergency Rollback
– REST API and Database Users
– New Feature List
Automated Testing
Incident Log
Year-End Clean-Up
Year End Analysis

Part 5: Customization
Plugins and Add-ons
– Best Practices
– Vet Plugins and Add-ons
– Plugin Installations
– Noteworthy Add-ons
Extend Jira
– Get Data into Jira
– Create Custom Displays
– Sync Data with Jira
Other Uses for Jira
– Jira as a CRM
– Asset Tracking
– Moving Labels
– Bucket Lists
– Personal Goals
– Other Ideas

Part 6: Bonuses
Training Users
– End User Training
– Admin Training Resources
– Get Certified
Bulk Import
Database Queries
– Configuration Elements
– Projects and Issues
– Users and Groups
– Filters and Dashboards
– Workflows
– Add-ons
– Database Specific
– Query Resources

Atlassian User Groups
Summit Annual User Conference
– Summit Justification
– Summit Tips
Other Books
Atlassian Experts


Recommendations Index
Materials Index

Included Materials

Download the worksheets, templates, and companion materials using the coupon code in your book’s “Worksheets, Templates & Companion Materials” section.  The following are downloadable after your book purchase:

  1. Atlassian Summit Notes
  2. Determine Jira Permissions
  3. Jira Add User Instruction Based on Issue ID
  4. Jira Annual Report
  5. Jira Application Administrator Responsibilities
  6. Jira Application Comparison
  7. Jira Automated Testing
  8. Jira Bulk Import
  9. Jira Change Select List Formatting
  10. Jira Clean Instance
  11. Jira Conditional Announcement Banner
  12. Jira Custom Workflow Documentation
  13. Jira Database Queries
  14. Jira Detailed Upgrade Plan
  15. Jira Genie and Jira Gerbil Character Users
  16. Jira HTML Links
  17. Jira Incident Log
  18. Jira Issue Creation via Email Instructions
  19. Jira Issue Security Worksheets
  20. Jira Menu and Transition Buttons Graphic
  21. Jira Monitoring
  22. Jira New Custom Field Requests
  23. Jira New Project Configuration Checklist
  24. Jira New Project Request
  25. Jira New User Communication and Checklist
  26. Jira New User Request
  27. Jira Notification Scheme
  28. Jira Permission Scheme Worksheets
  29. Jira Plugin and Add-on Vetting Procedure
  30. Jira Plugin Tracking
  31. Jira Project Status
  32. Jira Project Wording
  33. Jira Recommendations and Tips
  34. Jira REST API and Database Users
  35. Jira Rollback Plan
  36. Jira Scheduled Maintenance
  37. Jira Scheme Wording
  38. Jira Security Policy Considerations
  39. Jira Standard Capabilities
  40. Jira Standard Regression Testing
  41. Jira Status Update Email Notification Instructions
  42. Jira Support and Emergency Escalation
  43. Jira System Stats
  44. Jira Upgrade Wording
  45. Jira Use and Future Predictions
  46. Jira Users Wording
  47. Jira Workflow XML
  48. New Jira Features
  49. Sample Jira Support Project Set Up
  50. Top Jira Support Measurements

Download the files individually or a few at a time as you need them. You can also download them all at once, in one .zip file.

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