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Jira: Basic Administration

Jira: Basic Administration
Edition: 2
Last updated: Jan 2023

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New to Jira?
If you’re new to Jira, I recommend starting with my “Learning Jira” course, to understand what your end users experience. There’s one course for Cloud and another for Server and Data Center. Next, take Learning Jira Software which focuses on development-specific features like backlogs, sprints, versions, and more. Once you have a good understanding of Jira capabilities, take this basic course and then the advanced course.

New to Jira Administration?
If you’re new to application administration, here’s the learning path I’d follow: After this basic course, take Jira: Advanced Administration. The advanced course dives deeper into the configuration areas used most. If you have Jira Service Management, my JSM admin course shows how to configure: requests,
queues, service level agreements, and a knowledge base, so your organization can support internal and external customers. And finally, if you have Confluence, I created an admin course to help configure that application too.

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This course replaces Jira: Basic Administration (2002).

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