Project Insights with Jira’s Timeline View

Today I had a conversation with a former colleague who reminded me of when all team correspondence was over email, project managers tracked work in Microsoft Project, developers reported progress in spreadsheets, and QA test cases were recorded in an open source wiki installed on someone’s computer. Anyone miss those days? Not me! When everyone works in different tools, it’s hard to tie data together and get a real-time view of project health.

Here’s an easy win for project managers and product owners looking to consolidate tools. In today’s article, we’ll explore how Jira Cloud’s timeline feature helps teams visualize work and dependencies. If your Jira project’s timeline doesn’t produce a Gantt-type chart or reflect reality, it’s easy to fix. Work with your Jira application administrator to configure epics, dates, and issue links to take your view from sparce to useful.

A properly configured Jira Cloud timeline visually depicts time and dependencies

Check out my article on Salto’s website for configuration instructions to streamline project management with Jira’s timeline feature.

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Learn to set up the timeline by adding epics, dates, and issue links for an efficient workflow.

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