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Jira: Managing Custom Workflows

Jira: Advanced Administration
Edition: 1
Last updated: Jan 2024

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Who is this Course For?

This course helps new and experienced Jira administrators design, build, and maintain custom processes and workflows. It’s also useful for anyone who’s interested in improving team efficiency, fostering cross-team communication, managing business pipelines, passing audits, smoothing handoffs between users and teams, or improving time to market. The needs of the organization are best achieved when application administrators and business managers work together.

This course contains demos, challenges, and the quizzes to help reinforce the material. And don’t miss the workflow scavenger hunt to see how many problems or opportunities for improvement you can detect!


If you’re new to Jira administration, take my basic and advanced administration courses first. This course builds on those courses and assumes you already know how to configure Jira-specific application settings and all the standard schemes in Jira projects. This course provides a comprehensive guide for custom workflow features, functions, and strategies for creating, extending and maintaining them.

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Features & Downloads

Find these resources and others on the course’s “Overview” page
Exercise filesWorkflows Course

– Custom Workflow Requirements.docx
– Custom Workflow Template.pptx
– Jira Jargon – Workflows.docx
– Jira Workflow Checklist.docx
– Jira Workflow Scavenger Hunt.docx
– Jira Workflow Scavenger Hunt Answers.docx
– Jira Workflow Scavenger Hunt Materials.docx
– Scavenger Hunt.jwb
– Scavenger Hunt.xml
In-course quizYes
In-course challenges and solutionsYes


  • The workflow scavenger hunt uses only built-in Jira features. No third-party apps or special capabilities are required for the challenge.
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