Admin Support and Maintenance

Need regular admin or maintenance support for Jira, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, or other Atlassian applications? If your current admin team is overwhelmed, or you have no admin team at all, we can help!
We’ll be your application administrator! Work with us and get your ongoing application support needs addressed quickly.

Our Managed Services

We assist your administrator (or serve as your administrator) with dedicated support hours each week. Simply collect and prioritize your requests (ideally in your Jira application) and we’ll complete the work and document our changes.

Need a strategy discussion or implementation advice? Use your support hours for one on one Q&A sessions or group meetings. Simply book a time in our online calendar and get your questions answered.


Use your ongoing support hours for anything you need.  For example, have us:

  • on-board teams and configure their Jira projects and Confluence spaces,
  • troubleshoot problems or answer user “how to” questions,
  • create new Jira custom fields and workflows using best practices,
  • help your teams create reporting dashboards and boards,
  • set SLAs and automation rules in Jira Service Desk,
  • manage, complete, and document application changes,
  • suggest ways to improve processes or settings,
  • execute your clean up or maintenance plan,
  • document your change, user management, customization, or security policies,
  • evaluate and install add-ons, or
  • help in any way you need!

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