Assessment & Audit

Audit Report

What’s not quite right?  Is your application’s configuration frustrating your users or hindering adoption?  Is your process lengthy, archaic, or not meeting the needs of the company?  Is it a bit of both? 

We’ll uncover configuration and process issues and help you improve them.  We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Our Audit Service

Step 1:  Research

We’ll meet with your stakeholders to understand your needs, how you use the application today, and your goals for the future. We’ll uncover whether problems are related to your process, your configuration, or both. We’ll understand your pain points, current process, known issues, and requirements.

Next, we’ll meet with your application administrator for a demo and tour of the application. (Optional) This helps us gain further insight into the information shared at the previous goal meeting. We want to understand your admin’s pain points as well.

Step 2:  Discovery

We’ll conduct a full review of your application settings, looking for common mistakes and areas to improve. We’ll uncover duplicate, unnecessary, questionable, or unused configuration elements. You’ll choose a specific Jira project, Jira Service Management project, or Confluence space for us to focus on and evaluate.

Step 3:  Recommendations

We’ll collect what we’ve discovered and craft a findings report. We’ll make recommendations and share best practices. We’ll suggest small, impactful changes, to implement now and also larger changes for consideration in the future.

Step 4:  Questions & Answers

Next, we’ll meet to discuss the recommendations and answer any questions you have.

Step 5:  Implementation

Finally, we’ll implement (or work with your admin team to implement) the recommendations you select.

Time Frame

Once scheduled, an audit takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. We’ll need your help scheduling meetings with stakeholders and setting up application access. We’ll provide set up instructions and meeting agendas.

Audits are conducted remotely.

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