Strategy Sessions

Know what you need but not how to implement it?  Not sure what you need?  Our guided strategy sessions clarify your needs, uncover impactful changes, and create a roadmap to implement your vision.

Our Strategy Plan

Step 1:  Research and Discovery

We’ll meet with your stakeholders to understand their needs, how they use Atlassian tools today, and their goals for the future.  We’ll uncover whether problems are related to your process, your configuration, or both.  We’ll document your pain points, current process, known issues, and requirements.  If we have access to your application, we’ll review your configuration and look for areas to improve and common mistakes.

Step 2: Implementation Plan

We’ll recommend solutions for your pain points.  We’ll suggest small but impactful changes to help you reach your goals.  We’ll create an implementation plan that provides specific steps, for your admin team to perform, to make your vision a reality.

Step 3: Questions and Answers

We’ll review the implementation plan with stakeholders, help you understand next steps, and answer any remaining questions.

Strategy sessions are available remotely or on-site. 

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