Our implementation process helps you get up and running quickly with a strategy focused on long term application health and success.  Complete the implementation form to get started. Our process includes:

Step 1: Research & Discovery

Meet with stakeholders to understand current and future needs.  Includes:

  • Application demo
  • Goals meeting
  • Requirements gathering
  • Initial set up decisions
  • Strategy, standards, and governance

Step 2: Set Up & Configuration

Select Application Settings

Select proper application settings based on requirements and best practices


  • Vet, install, and configure apps, add-ons, and plugins
  • Integrate with or connect to additional applications (Example: Confluence, Slack)

Step 3: Create Jira Projects

In Jira, a collection of work is called a “project”.  Projects are often set up per department, per team, or to track large initiatives with a known end date.

Jira Support Project

  • Create a Jira project to manage application maintenance, customization requests, and add-on requests
  • Use this Jira project to track the status of the implementation

Team Onboarding

Determine which teams will use Jira.  Complete the following for each team:

  • Conduct “new project interview”
  • Determine and develop workflows
  • Complete the following project configuration steps:
    • Create Project 
    • Set Users and Roles
    • Set Project Details
    • Create/Set/Verify Issue Types
    • Create/Set/Verify Permission Scheme
    • Create/Set/Verify Notification Scheme
    • Create/Set/Verify Workflow Scheme
    • Create/Set/Verify Priority Scheme
    • Create Components
    • Create Versions
    • Add Custom Fields
    • Verify Standard Capabilities
    • Create/Set/Verify Field Configuration
    • Create/Set/Verify Screens
    • Create Test Issues
    • Testing and Change Requests
    • Address Change Requests
    • Close Test Issues
    • Unhide Project
    • Remove Unused Schemes
  • Set up reporting
    • Create Filters
    • Create Dashboards
    • Create Boards
  • Launch project

Recommended Training

We’ll train your end users, project administrators, and application administrators using books, materials, recorded online courses, and custom live presentations.  Read more

Complete the implementation form to get started.

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