Team Onboarding & Project Creation

Need to onboard a new team to Jira?  We’ve built hundreds of Jira projects for all types of teams.  We’ll meet with your team lead, understand their process, and customize a Jira project to fit their needs.  We build our projects with the future and health of the entire Jira application in mind.

Our Project Creation Plan

Step 1:  Research and Discovery

We’ll meet with your stakeholders to understand the team’s current process, so we can replicate it in Jira.  We’ll uncover your pain points, known issues, requirements, and answer your Jira questions.

Step 2:  Requirements

We’ll continue to collect requirements and schedule any needed follow-up conversations.  We’ll record the requirements to make sure the team’s needs are understood.

Step 3:  Implementation

We’ll build and document the project as we go.  We build our projects so they meet today’s needs but are also easy to add to in the future, as the team’s needs grow and change.

Step 4:  Demo

Finally, we’ll demo our solution, so the team can see the project in action, and ask any questions.

Additional Support

We can also teach your team to effectively use their new project, help project admins understand their abilities and responsibilities, and help team leads manage issues and create custom dashboards.

Team on boarding is available remotely or on-site.   Contact us to get started.

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