Creating Custom JSM Request Templates

Create custom request type templates for Jira Service Management to streamline support procedures and maintain project consistency.

In my last article for Jira Software, Jira Work Management, and Jira Core, we discussed creating custom screen templates to reduce the number of screens in your application and ensure consistency between Jira projects. Now it’s time to do the same for requests in Jira Service Management (JSM).

Jira Service Management projects have the same issue type screen scheme, screen scheme(s), and screen(s) as a Jira projects. Additionally, JSM projects have request types to determine how issues look to end users in the customer portal. A request is a simplified view of issue data. Further, each JSM request type is mapped to a Jira issue type.

Check out my article on Salto’s website to create your own request type templates and map them to Jira request types. I’ve included step-by-step instructions and examples of how the templates look to Jira administrators and to end users in the JSM customer portal.

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Creating Custom Jira Issue Templates

Create custom, reusable screens to simplify the Jira configuration, maintain consistency between projects, and simplify the fields presented to users.

There are Jira screens for creating issues, viewing issues, editing issues (in Jira Server and Data Center), and collecting information during workflow transitions. How many screens does your Jira application have? Probably too many! It’s easy for the options to grow out of control. Before you know it, there are twelve pages of screens, which is probably ten too many!

So what should Jira admins do? I recommend creating one set of custom, reusable, screens for business tasks, development work, and support requests.

Check out my article on Salto’s website for step-by-step instructions and the standard and custom fields I recommend including.

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