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Thank you for purchasing the JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook!  

Download the worksheets, templates, and companion materials using the coupon code in your book’s Worksheets, Templates & Companion Materials” section. 

Access Instructions

1.  Access all materials by category from the top navigation menu.  (See screenshot.)

Image: In the Store – Top Navigation Menu

Main Navigation Menu

2.  Use the “Add to Cart” button on any product page to add the desired product(s) to your shopping cart.  You can download materials individually or all at once here.

3.  Obtain your coupon code from your book’s Worksheets, Templates & Companion Materials” section.  (See screenshot.)

Image: In the Book – Coupon Code Location

Coupon Code Location

4. On the “Summary” page in the shopping cart checkout process, enter your coupon code in the “Coupons” field.  (See screenshot.)

Image: In the Store – Coupon Code Entry

Coupon Code Entry

4. You’ll see a “Free with Book Purchase” line item added to the cart.  Your coupon will be applied to any materials provided in the book.  (See screenshot.)

Image: In the Store – Coupon Code Applied

Coupon Code Applied

Download Instructions

After purchase, access to downloadable files is available in three places:

  1. On the purchase confirmation page, click the grey order “Details” button.
  2. In an email from with the subject line “The virtual product that you bought is available for download.”
  3. On the “Order History” page, click the grey order “Details” button.

Image: Order History Details Button

Order History Details

Image: Product Download Link

Product Download Link

Need Help?

Please contact us.  Please include helpful details like:  

  • the coupon code you’re using,
  • the product(s) you’re downloading,
  • any errors displayed, and
  • the browser and browser version you’re using.

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