Project Administration Links in Jira Software and Jira Service Management

If you have Jira Software and Jira Service Management, how do you know which project admin links are for Jira project settings and which are for service management features?

While both Jira Software and Jira Service Management settings work together to power support projects, it’s helpful to know which links are for which application type so you can consult the correct documentation and information.

Here’s a handy list and and some differences between links in the Cloud and Server deployment types.

Project Admin Area

To get to a project’s admin area click the “Project settings” link in any Service Management project. It’s at the bottom of a project’s left sidebar. In Jira Server, the link takes the admin to the “Request types” page by default. In Cloud, the link takes the admin to the “Details” page by default.

Service project admin in Server

In Server, the first set of sidebar settings are common to all Jira projects. Those links include: Summary, Details, Re-index project, and Delete project.

Further down the page are settings specific to Jira Service Management (JSM) projects. The first link in the section is labeled “Request types”.

The additional links below are for standard Jira project settings like issue types, workflows, screens, and more. You might also have additional links for managing third-party app settings.

Service project admin in Cloud

In Cloud, the Jira and JSM settings are ordered differently.  For example, the second section shows the Jira issue types and the JSM request types together.

Settings List

Here’s a handy list of the typical sidebar links and which application type they belong to.

Jira Software

The following settings are used by software-type projects:

  • Summary
  • Details
  • People (Cloud only)
  • Re-index project (Server only)
  • Delete project
  • Issue types
  • Workflows
  • Screens
  • Fields
  • Priorities
  • Versions
  • Components
  • Users and roles (Server only)
  • Permissions
  • Issue Security
  • Notifications
  • Project links
  • Development tools
  • Issue collectors

Jira Service Management

The following settings are used by service-type projects:

  • Change Management (Cloud only)
  • Request types
  • Customer permissions
  • Language support
  • Portal settings
  • Email requests
  • Customer notifications
  • Widget (Cloud only)
  • Satisfaction settings
  • Knowledge base
  • SLAs
  • Calendars
  • Automation
  • Apps (Cloud only)
  • Incident management (Server only)

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Author: Rachel Wright

Rachel Wright is an entrepreneur, Certified Jira Administrator, and author of the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook. She started using Jira in 2011, became a Jira administrator in 2013, and was certified in 2016. She is the owner and founder of Industry Templates, LLC, which helps companies grow, get organized, and develop their processes.

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