Live Presentations

We deliver hour or multi-hour presentations to help users, project admins, space admins, and application admins with application features and tasks. All presentations can be customized to the needs of the organization and include slides, homework, and Q&A.  Presentations are scheduled as needed. 

Sample topics include:

Solving Jira Strategy Challenges (Workshop)
What is your Jira application strategy?  Do you have one or are you making it up as you go?  In this workshop, we’ll explore the top strategy challenges that companies and admins face when setting up, cleaning up, and maintaining Jira.  We’ll identify common process issues, configuration mistakes, and discuss how to solve them.  Come prepared with your most prevalent pain-points and receive expert-level advice on how to solve them from a leader who literally wrote the book on Jira strategy. 

Audience:  Jira Administrators, Application Owners, and Leadership
Duration:  8 hours

Intro to Jira Administration
For new Jira administrators. You’ll learn the basics so you can solve common problems, fulfill requests, and support growth and change in your organization. We’ll cover the different application and deployment types you have so you know which advice and documentation to leverage. We’ll discuss how to navigate the software, so you can easily access the most commonly used admin areas. And we’ll demo the top 5 things every new Jira admin needs to know like: adding users, creating projects, editing workflows, and troubleshooting common permission and notification problems.

Audience:  Jira Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Best Practices for Managing and Maintaining Jira
You know if you don’t maintain your Jira application that it can quickly grow out of control. But where do you start? How do you make small improvements without impacting daily business? What should you do if your application is already a bit of a mess? In this presentation, we’ll address: how to set standards so you don’t have more schemes to maintain than necessary, how to clean up schemes and custom fields when you have too many, how to archive old projects and unneeded issues, and how to track changes and customization requests so you have a record and an audit trail.

Audience:  Jira Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Jira Clean Up
Periodic clean up is a vital part of any Jira maintenance strategy. In this presentation, I’ll show you how to audit your application so you know what you have, clean up specific areas like projects and custom fields, and use change management to keep your application performing well in the long term. Join me to learn how to best clean up and maintain Jira!

Audience:  Jira Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Jira Project Administration
For project owners and leads.  Learn your project admin role and responsibilities.  We’ll tour the project management area and discuss how to set and maintain project-specific settings, manage users and groups, and triage, assign, and manage issues. 

Audience:  Jira Project Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Intro to Jira (Cloud Version or Server Version)
As organizations continue to adopt digital technology, more and more teams are leveraging Jira. Jira is already the industry standard for software development but other teams, like Marketing, Legal, IT, and Finance are adopting it as well. By learning Jira you’ll be able to easily manage your own daily tasks and help your organization plan their strategic initiatives. In this presentation, you’ll learn all about navigating Jira, working with projects and issues, and creating filters, dashboards, and boards. I’ll show you everything you need to know so you can get started right away and tame your never-ending “to do” list.

Audience:  Jira Users
Duration:  2 hours

Search Jira with JQL
Searching Jira with JQL is easier than it sounds!  Jira Query Language (JQL) is the way to find specific issues among thousands.  Use JQL to find the issues that are most important to you, communicate your team’s progress, triage and respond to the most critical issues, and plan for the future. Understanding this capability is the foundation for all your search, visualization, and reporting needs.

Audience:  Jira Users
Duration:  1 hour

Using Filters, Dashboards, Boards, and Reports
Description coming soon.

Audience:  Jira Users
Duration:  1 hour

Boosting Jira Productivity
With so many powerful features, it’s easy for Jira users and administrators to be overwhelmed.  How do you find what you’re looking for when there are many thousands of issues?  How can you quickly navigate through the options to get where you need to go?  How can admins delegate tasks to others so you can focus on the most important items?  How can you automate frequent and repeatable tasks?  In this presentation, you’ll learn 27 ways for Jira users and Jira admins to do more, faster, with Jira.

Audience:  Jira Users and Jira Administrators
Duration:  1.5 hours

Jira Service Desk Administration
For support project owners and leads.  Learn your support project role and responsibilities.  We’ll tour the support project management area and discuss how to set and maintain project-specific settings, manage users and roles, and set up customer portals, request types, queues, and SLAs. 

Audience:  Jira Service Desk Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Jira Service Desk for Agents
For support and help desk technicians.  Learn your agent role and responsibilities.  We’ll tour the support project and discuss how to support users, manage queues, manage issues, and create knowledgebase content.

Audience:  Jira Service Desk Agents
Duration:  1 hour

Intro to Confluence Administration
Description coming soon.

Audience:  Confluence Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Confluence Space Administration
For space owners and leads.  Learn your space admin role and responsibilities.  We’ll tour the space management area and discuss how to set and maintain space-specific settings, manage users and groups, and organize content.

Audience:  Confluence Space Administrators
Duration:  1 hour

Jira, Jira Service Desk, or Confluence Demos
Are you evaluating Atlassian software?  We’ll show you the key application features and help you determine whether the software is right for your organization.

Audience:  Leadership, Purchasing, and Decision Makers
Duration:  1 hour

Contact us to schedule training presentations.

Custom Training

Need a different topic?  Tell us what you’d like to learn and we’ll craft a custom course or workshop just for you.  You choose the topic, scope, audience knowledge level, duration, and delivery method.  We’ll create hour, day, or multi-day sessions and deliver the materials, a recorded presentation, or a live presentation.  Request a training estimate

Recorded Online Courses

We also offer recorded training for single users or your entire company.  Our 30-minute, online skill or topic-based training gets application admins up to speed fast.  Our intro courses help new Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence users feel comfortable with the applications.   View the course list or contact us to get started.

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